My name is Mathlyn Mckie, I was born in Grenada, raised in Barbados and grew up in America. During my upbringing, I was exposed to many different career paths from a flight attendant or an artist, to a nurse or a lawyer but I chose to be some sort of designer. My interest was sparked one day when my older brother was working on an assignment he had for homework. The assignment was to plan and draft the design for a small house. At the young age I was, I assumed it was a game but he explained what it is. The more he worked on the project the more intrigued I became.

Today, that spark has not died but has intensified and has piqued my interest in neighboring fields such as urban planning and sustainability. In my Junior year of High School, I was already ahead of my school mates since I had a clear idea of what it was I wanted to do in college; it was just a matter of finding the right school for me. Not many schools offered architecture but  New York City College of Technology was the best option, It was affordable, nearby and would change my life as I had yet to discover.

Five years later and I have not only graduated with my Bachelors in Architectural Technology and my Associates in Applied Sciences and Technology but also a changed mindset. I now see the world through matured lenses of what architecture is and the duty of an architect. In my time at NYCCT I acquired a multi-faceted skill set that can assist me in any career I choose. I have acquired an interest in sustainability and urban planning, two things that are just as impactful as architecture, I have yet to decide but I am hoping for opportunities to be exposed to these fields to assist with the decisions making.

My future plans are not concrete but I cannot wait to see where my life takes me!


Mathlyn Mckie Resume 2019