Design 5 – House Interior Remodel

Interior Design

Project 2 stems from project 1, after remodeling the house, I was tasked to design the interior.

Project 1Remodel

My first project of the semester was to remodel a 3 story brownstone house with a basement fit for a family of 4 and additional space for renters. The remodeled house consists of a kitchen, dining area, living room, pantry, laundry area, powder room, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, family room, office, master bedroom, master closet, and master bathroom. The major design influence for this house was the Sun, as part of my site analysis, I studied the path of the sun in the winter and the summer and how they affect the interiors of the space that were exposed to both the winter and summer sun i.e the dining and living spaces.

Floor Plans

1st Floor Plan

2nd Floor Plan

3rd Floor Plan


Set 1

Set 2








Axonometric Section


Charrette – a charrette is an intense period of design or planning activity. For this charrette, I was to choose a room in my house that I wanted to redesign; I chose my living room. This was the mood board I created for it. I wanted to achieve a calm, relaxing mood, which is why I used blue and gray with the orange and red (fall colors) to add some flavor and pop to the space. I updated the furniture to a more modern contemporary style and plant life to make the space more lively.