Welcome to Writing Syllabi that Promote and Embrace Diversity and Inclusion Project

The syllabus is the main document that establishes communication and behavior throughout the course. Not only it sets all the expectations in terms of the course objectives and outcomes, but it must state clearly the methodology, pedagogy, and approaches that we use to achieve the goal. Without an inclusive syllabus, we always will leave some students behind. I have used multiple ways of active learning and inclusive strategies from semester to semester, and I have seen a lot of changes speaking to the quality, retention, and much more. I have seen struggles in trying to keep up with work, family socioeconomic issues, health crises, and schoolwork struggles. Many of them are solved, but much more can be done as I reflect.

Some things to be considered:
1–Including my own Diversity Statement as a self-reflective process that gives the chance to students consider their own background and understand other peoples’ backgrounds.
2-Understanding the dialogue from different points of view.
a-Communicating and setting expectations for a constructive dialogue despite differences. Respecting each other’s opinions, clarifying, explaining, and providing scientific facts for making the main conclusions based on all the above.
b-Modeling a respectful dialogue by providing scenarios where different points of view are exposed and discussed with the class the major approaches for a healthy dialogue. Giving the opinion and asking (Surveying) students about their opinion and feelings.
3- Using inclusive resources such as texts, videos articles, films, that are inclusive considering racial, gender, geographic, socioeconomic, and ability status. Consider: Who is it, who it is directed to, who is the producer.
4- Create statements and policies, statements, and information that establish communication and behaviors that are inclusive and consider such prospective as disabilities, mental health issues, transgender, financial challenges, underrepresented groups, etc.

Your Opinion Matters

If you are a student:

Consider one of your courses syllabus:

1- Write one thing that makes you feel included

2- Write one thing that you want to see in that syllabus (missing thing), so it makes you feel included.

If you are a Professor:

Consider one of your courses syllabus:

1 -Write one thing that you think has worked well and your students feel included and have a great sense of belonging.

2- Write one thing that you would like to add/revise and make it better for all students.

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