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HUS1101, Introduction to Human Services, Fall 2015

HUS1101, Introduction to Human Services, Fall 2015

Deborah Courtney
Human Services|HUS 1101|Fall 2015

This course introduces the human services profession, its knowledge, values, and skills base. Major topics addressed are the history, personal attributes, lifestyles, ideologies, values, and ethical dilemmas. […]

Parks & Recreation Mgt – HMGT 4988 SP15

Damien L. Duchamp
Hospitality Man...|HMGT 4988|Spring 2015

Operation and management of leisure segment of tourism, such as parks, commercial and non-profit recreation facilities and sports organizations. History, current trends and likely direction of leisure are […]

HMGT Internship Summer 2015

Prof. Karen Goodlad
Hospitality Man...|HMGT 4802|Summer 2015

Work experience in the hospitality field, defined as part-time, supervised employment. Each student is responsible for getting and keeping an appropriate supervisory position for the required period: a minimum of […]