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ARCH2331, Building Technology 2, Resources

Alexander Aptekar
Architectural T...|Fall 2018

Resources for Building Technology 2 This site contains Assignment Discussion Questions and answers. References, Articles, and Link on: construction technology, codes, AutoCAD and software tools.

ENG1121 COMP II SPRING 2019 Section 421

Leigh Gold
Spring 2019

This is one of several sections of a new curriculum for English 1121 that is beginning this semester. In English 1121, we will continue the work we had begun in English 1101. This class aims to take the […]

ENG1101 Composition 1, Sections D357 + D396, Fall 2018

ENG1101 Composition 1, Sections D357 + D396, Fall 2018

Holly Melgard
English|ENG1101|Fall 2018

English 1101: Composition I, Section D357 + D396, Fall 2018, Instructed by Holly Melgard

ARCH1231 BTECH I, SP2019

J A Montgomery
ARCH1231|Spring 2019

An introduction to basic materials of construction and the fundamental principals of hand drafting and system analysis. The coursework includes surveying existing conditions, development of plans, elevations, and […]

ARCH1121 A World History of Architecture, SP2019 Zagaroli

Robert Zagaroli 3rd
ARCH 1121|Spring 2019

The study of architectural technology from prehistoric times to the present, stressing the development of structural systems and the exploration of materials. This course will also explore the interaction of […]