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R Abreu
HMGT2305-D100-65525|Spring 2019

Procedural, customer and staff perspectives involved in the provision of quality service as practiced in a dining room laboratory. Student rotation through dining room service positions with emphasis on […]

ENG1101 English Composition, FA2017 THURSDAY

ENG1101 English Composition, FA2017 THURSDAY

Alicia Andrzejewski
English|ENGL1101|Fall 2017

In this composition course, we will explore the art and science of dreaming to practice college writing skills. Can dreams help us understand the self, as Freud argues? Are dreams mystical, magical…even p […]

Art! Camera! Food! FYLC Spring 2018

Sandra Cheng, Tracy Zimmermann, Prof. Thalia Pericles
Hospitality Man...|HMGT 1203/ HMGT 1204/ ARTH1100|Spring 2018

The Art! Camera! Food! Learning Community for HMGT students to explore the ever increasing art of gastronomy through the lens of digital media. This website is for students in Prof Zimmerman’s Culinary I (Weds AM […]



Lina Romasanta
Hospitality Man...|HMGT1101/1102|Fall 2017

SUSTAINABILITY IN HOSPITALITY – This learning community will introduce the 21st Century relevance of sustainability in the hospitality industry and incorporating the concept connecting the various foundations […]