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ARTH 1102 History of Art: Renaissance to Modern

ARTH 1102 History of Art: Renaissance to Modern

Michael J. McAuliffe

Survey of Western Art from 1300 to the Present



Jennifer Sears
Humanities|ENG 3771|Spring 2014

This blog is designed for students in Advanced Career Writing taught by Jennifer Sears. The aim of this blog is to present issues specific to writing techniques specific to online writing, such as tone and […]

COMD4900 E298 Spring 2017 Patrissi

COMD4900 E298 Spring 2017 Patrissi

Communication D...|COMD4900|Spring 2017

Students are required to find internship opportunities of approximately eight hours per week at an Industry segment site approved by the Department Internship instructor. Approved companies include advertising […]

Portfolio COMD4801 Fall Term – 2016

Portfolio COMD4801 Fall Term – 2016

Louisa McCabe
Communication D...|COMD4801|Fall 2016

Development of each student’s strategy for entering the design profession through creating a professional portfolio. Students develop personal branding and web presence, individual promotion pieces, resume w […]

COMD2327 Typography 2

Jenna Lucente
Communication D...|COMD2327|Spring 2015

Design superstars at Citytech learning how to use Typography to create effective design and communications

Design Team D280—Spring 2016

Andrew Shea
Communication D...|COMD 4701|Spring 2016

Working individually or in teams, students consult with a variety of clients on the design and production of a range of print and digital media including logos, posters, web sites, advertising campaigns, brochures […]

COMD3551 WebDesign2, FA2015

Jerron Smith
Communication D...|COMD3551|Fall 2015

Advanced web design is a continuation of ADV2450 Web I, a prerequisite of this course. Students will study, in further detail, HTML and CSS to ensure that they have a solid foundation. It is assumed that students […]

Web 3 – Fall 2015 – COMD 3652-E270

Web 3 – Fall 2015 – COMD 3652-E270

Jay Van Buren
Communication D...|3652|Fall 2015

This is an intensive course in design and development of dynamic websites. The course offers a combination of theoretical and practical information on how to combine the PHP scripting language with the MySQL […]

COMD3562 UX & UI Design, FA2015

Jerron Smith
Communication D...|COMD 3562|Fall 2015

Building on skills learned in COMD 3551, topics include advanced CSS, Javascript and Flash integration. Students work with clients to design and construct a professional working website following contemporary web […]

ADV 3662 Interactive Animation-Fall 2014

Jerron Smith
Communication D...|ADV 3662|Fall 2014

Vector-based animation and interactivity are important presentation tools for engaging the user. The goal of this course is to teach the development of time-based animation skills. It will introduce the concepts […]

ENT1190 Intro to Video SP14

ENT1190 Intro to Video SP14

Carrie Dashow
Entertainment T...|ENT1190|Spring 2014

An introduction to the basic components and practices of preproduction and production methodologies for content creation in commercial video and film production. Through lectures, reading assignments, screenings […]