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LIB1201 Research and Documentation for the Information Age Fall 2016

Tess Tobin
Library|27065|Fall 2016

This course explores research and documentation for all media formats including text, images, sound, and multimedia. Students will explore information issues, especially in terms of their relevance today: how […]

ARTH1112 Intro to Film S2016

Sandra Cheng
Humanities|ARTH 1112|Spring 2016

INTRODUCTION TO FILM: ARTH 1112 3 class hours, 3 credits An introduction to the history of film from its beginnings in the late nineteenth century to the present. Through illustrated lectures, selected […]

GRA 1111,D314,89799

Communication D...|GRA 1111|Fall 2013

This course introduces students to core concepts in graph communication field including typography, color theory, design and production terminology,print processes, file formats and substrates.

ADV#1292 Section#D173 Three-Dimensional Design

ADV#1292 Section#D173 Three-Dimensional Design

Professor Taradash
Communication D...

Principles of three-dimensional design. Course covers an analysis of form and space. Topics include: hollow forms both geometric and organic; architectonic organization of space; light and shadow; geometric […]

ADV1200 Graphic Design Principles 2

ADV1200 Graphic Design Principles 2

A. Vargas
Communication D...|ADV1200|Fall 2014

This course explores creative visual thinking and the importance of communication design. Students will experiment with image making techniques and learn to use graphic elements to communicate concepts and ideas.

English 1101 / 5361

English 1101 / 5361

Rebecca Mazumdar
English|1101|Spring 2013

English Composition I, Spring 2013 Professor Rebecca Devers

Intro to Women Writers-Hybrid Spring 2014

Jody R. Rosen
English|2150|Spring 2014

Official description: This survey course is designed to introduce both men and women to the writings of selected women writers, through readings by both major authors and less well-known writers. Issues of form, […]