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ENT 2210 Advanced Scenery Construction Fall 2016

John McCullough
Entertainment T...|ENT2210|Fall 2016

This course aims to take a student from competency to proficiency in the scene shop. A successful student will be able to take a scenery project from the drawing to completion, either alone or leading a small […]

ENT1190 Intro to Video FALL14

ENT1190 Intro to Video FALL14

Carrie Dashow
Entertainment T...|ENT1190|Fall 2014

An introduction to the basic components and practices of preproduction and production methodologies for content creation in commercial video and film production. Through lectures, reading assignments, screenings […]

ENT 3310 Monster Shop FA2019

John McCullough
ENT 3310|Fall 2019

Special uses of plastics and metals in the fabrication of stage scenery and scenery elements. The major emphasis will be placed on the forming and shaping of various plastics, molds and casting, problems of safety […]

Advanced Scenery Fall 2018

John McCullough
Entertainment T...|ENT2210|Fall 2018

There is a nationwide shortage of competent carpenters and technical directors in the theatre. Students taking this class will have the opportunity to practice all of the most important skills that can lead to a […]

ENT 4410 Technical Direction Spring 2019

John McCullough
ENT4410|Spring 2019

An in depth analysis of the planning, budgeting and construction processes used in the production of scenery. Students will apply their knowledge of construction and drafting techniques and process to generate […]

Eng 092W Dev. Writing, F 14

Laura Westengard
English|092W|Fall 2014

This site is for both of Prof. Westengard’s ENG 092W sections (D275 and D288). To enter the site, click on ”Course Site” on the right side of the screen.