HW#1- Machine Research- C CLamp

C Clamp

C- clamp device typically used to hold a wood or metal work tool, and often used in, but are not limited to, carpentry and welding. Often believed that these clamps are called “C” clamps because of their C-shaped frame, or also often called C-clamps or G-clamps because including the screw part they are shaped like an uppercase letter g, but in fact they were originally called a carriage makers clamp, or Carriage Clamp.

G-clamp or C-Clamp is used by means of turning the screw through the bottom of the frame until the desired state of pressure or release is reached.

The most interesting function of this device is holding 2 pieces of wood at the same time turn the screw to force them to be aligned or parallel.

It is my favorite tool because it helps so much in the process of building and load in. It is necessary during both processes.

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  1. This is a great example of a simple machine, but be sure to cite your sources when you do your research. If you want to quote your source (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C-clamp) that’s fine as long as you indicate it.

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