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Born and raised on the beautiful Caribbean island of St.Vincent and the Grenadines my love for the Culinary Arts brought me to The New York City College of Technology. A senior in the Hospitality Management program, I get to enjoy preparing dishes while gaining impeccable industry knowledge.

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Course Description Building upon the foundation of previous culinary courses, students will gain a general understanding of international cuisines by exploring traditional and indigenous ingredients, flavor components and cooking techniques. Application of classical and contemporary cooking techniques, creative menu planning, plate design, cultural research, proper sanitation techniques and nutritional analysis of menus.

HMGT 3502

HMGT 3502

Multi Semester: This is an online repository for HMGT 3502 and is intended to span beyond a single semester. Any student is welcome to join, participate, etc. Goal One: To help students who have completed 10 weeks of the course to self evaluate their academic performance to gain an introspective understanding of the impact of their diligence, time management, organizational skills, research skills, and other academic abilities on their learning outcomes for HMGT 3502. Goal Two: To help students entering HMGT 3502 learn from the real world experience of their peers, by reading comments, helpful suggestions, warnings, tricks, tips and “hacks” created by their peers.

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