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BIO1101 Lab

BIO1101 Lab

Laina Karthikeyan
Biological Scie...|BIO1101L|Fall 2011

The BIO1101 laboratory course is an introduction to laboratory techniques and their application to the understanding of general biological concepts. It focuses on the fundamental principles of biology, including […]

Biology 1101

Biological Scie...|1101|Fall 2013

This course has been designed to expose students to the basic principles of biology, including general, cellular biology, biochemistry, cellular metabolism, molecular biology, and genetics, while having some fun.

Bio1101 General Biology I

Prof. Seto
Biological Scie...|Bio1101|Spring 2012

Biology 1101 is an introductory Biology course. It focuses on the fundamental principles of biology, including taxonomy, structure, reproduction, heredity, development and evolution. Since Biology is governed by […]

MAT 1190 Quantitative Reasoning Fall 2014

MAT 1190 Quantitative Reasoning Fall 2014

Kate Poirier
Mathematics|MAT 1190|Fall 2014

Students develop and apply mathematical, logical, critical thinking, and statistical skills to solve problems in real-world contexts. They acquire skills in the fields of algebra, geometry, […]

Elements of Sociology

Elements of Sociology

Social Science|SOC 1101|Fall 2013

An introduction to the basic concepts and theories used by sociologists to analyze social institutions and the social behavior of individuals and groups. We begin by studying the development of sociology as a […]


Biological Scie...|Bio 1101|Fall 2015

Basic Microscope