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Professor Belli: ENG 1121 / 5440 (Fall 2012)

Professor Belli: ENG 1121 / 5440 (Fall 2012)

Jill Belli
ENG 1121|Fall 2012

Professor Belli: ENG 1121 / 5440 (Fall 2012)

MUS1210 Musical Styles, FA2015

Daniel Blake
Humanities|Fall 2015

Basic elements of music—pitch, tone color, rhythm, melody, harmony, form and others—are studied first. The study of musical elements is followed by a chronological survey of music style periods, focusing on the […]

2013 Fall – MAT 2070 Proofs and Logic – Reitz

Jonas Reitz
Mathematics|MAT 2070|Fall 2013

This course is designed to prepare students for an advanced mathematics curriculum by providing a transition from Calculus to abstract mathematics. The course focuses on the processes of mathematical reasoning, […]

MEDU1010 Foundations of Math Ed, FA2013

MEDU1010 Foundations of Math Ed, FA2013

K. Andrew Parker
Mathematics|MEDU 1010|Fall 2013

This course examines the historical, philosophical, and sociological foundations underlying the development of American educational institutions. The role of the schools, the aims of education, diverse learners, […]

MAT2630 Numerical Methods, FA2015

Ezra Halleck
Mathematics|MAT 2630|Fall 2015

An introduction to solving mathematical problems on the computer using a symbolic algebra program with applications drawn from science and engineering. Topics include roots of non-linear functions, interpolation, […]