MAT2630 Numerical Methods, FA2015

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MAT2630 Numerical Methods, FA2015
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Course Code
MAT 2630
Semester / Year
Fall 2015
Course Description

An introduction to solving mathematical problems on the computer using a symbolic algebra program with applications drawn from science and engineering. Topics include roots of non-linear functions, interpolation, numerical differentiation and numerical integration.


This course was created by: Ezra Halleck

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%prob 5.1.1 df=inline('log(1+h)/h') out=[]; for i=1:16 out=[out;i 10^-i df(10^-i) df(10^-i)-1]; end format long disp(' i h=10^-i df(h) error') disp(out) %prob 5.1.2 df=inline('(exp(h)-exp(-h))/(2*h)') out=[]; for i=1:12 out=[out;i See MoreHW21


% problem 3.5.5 a=[0 3 -3 0;2 0 -3 2]; syms t; T=[1 t t^2 t^3]; B1=a*T.'; B2=a*T.'-[0;1]; set(groot,'defaultAxesColorOrder',[0 0 1]) set(groot,'defaultLineLineWidth',2) ezplot(B1(1),B1(2),[0 1]) hold on ezplot(B2(1),B2(2),[0 See MoreHW20