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This NYC native gets a kick out of city infrastructure and it’s history. I enjoy the long walks with my Siberian Husky and my Imperial Shih-Tzu everyday in my beautiful neighborhood, Howard Beach. Being so close to JFK, watching the planes roar by, and traveling domestically and internationally has become a huge part of my life. The family business of importing clothing from Colombia, is my mother’s American Dream that became a reality in 1997 and Cali Caliente Boutique is still growing thanks to Social Media and Globalization. My dream would be to continue her dream, and to incorporate a Colombian Restaurant into the family business. Im not a big fan of the kitchen life, but I sure as hell can run a restaurant, accumulating years of experience through managing events with Flavor Catering and with my degree in Hospitality Management, I will make my dream a reality.

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Baking & Pastry II

Baking & Pastry II

Our focus is on the production of plated desserts for the Janet Lefler dining room. Our method is grounded in professionalism. Our underlying theme is enjoyment of the prcess in order to encourage learning. This is an intermediate level pastry course in the Hospitality dept that builds on fundamental skills learned in Baking I.

HMGT 3502

HMGT 3502

Multi Semester: This is an online repository for HMGT 3502 and is intended to span beyond a single semester. Any student is welcome to join, participate, etc. Goal One: To help students who have completed 10 weeks of the course to self evaluate their academic performance to gain an introspective understanding of the impact of their diligence, time management, organizational skills, research skills, and other academic abilities on their learning outcomes for HMGT 3502. Goal Two: To help students entering HMGT 3502 learn from the real world experience of their peers, by reading comments, helpful suggestions, warnings, tricks, tips and “hacks” created by their peers.

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