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Open Pedagogy on the OpenLab

The purpose of this project is to create a forum to ask questions, generate discussion, and share teaching materials, resources, and ideas about teaching and learning on the OpenLab. Avatar image: ”The open […]

L4: Living Lab Learning Library

Welcome to L4, a virtual resource exchange of innovative teaching practices. To see all that L4 has to offer, please click on the “Visit Project Site” link.


Meet the CityTech Roboquín. It’s a mannequin! It’s a mannequin robot! It’s a mannequin robot fashion model! It’s a mannequin robot fashion model that can interact with people! Stay tuned for more information […]

Annual Experential Learning Symposium

Thu May 10, 2018, 12-4 pm Voorhees Theater. Organized by the students, for the students, to showcase student research and projects.

Talk n Roll Bot

”Talk n Roll Bot” is a robotic project currently under active development in the Mechatronics Technology Center (MTC) at CityTech. MTC is an NSF funded project established through collaboration between Mechanical […]

Reading Effectively Across The Disciplines – Biology

Reading Effectively Across The Disciplines – Biology

This project serves to disseminate material generated by the reading initiative of City Tech. Please feel free to contribute, discuss and take part.

City Tech Super HERO

Farrukh Zia

Meet the City Tech Super HERO. She was born in 1980 as Heathkit Educational Robot (HERO). For the next 15 years she helped countless number of students in colleges and universities across the country learn about […]



smart phone controlled lights

Wireless Sensor Network (WiSeNet)

A combination of hardware modules and software components and services to allow bidirectional wireless communication between master and slave nodes for monitoring and control of remote sensors and devices. WiSeNet […]