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Karina Fabian
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Hospitality Management
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Tourism / Food & Beverage Management


My name is Karina Fabian. I am currently enrolled in the Hospitality Management major at The New York City College of Technology. What I love about my careers is the fact of being able to create unforgettable moments for other people with just making them feel like home everywhere they go. Being enrolled in the Hospitality Management major have bring me the opportunity of improving my communication skills and also learn about different cultures and way of living, which help me to understand and influence in others in a positive way.
As a student one of my objectives is to find a position in a company where I can improve my customer service skills and get a beginning into the Hospitality Management Industry. In regards with my academic interests I would say that I love everything that is related with Food and Beverage Management/ Tourism. Since I was a child, I have being frequently traveling to different countries which is something that has help me to develop an incredible interest of discovering and learning more about different cultures including its languages and forms of expression. Besides that I also have to add that I consider myself as an extremely energetic, charming and cheerful person, whom have a huge passion for food because I believe it help us as a human being to understand and have that sense of knowledge about a particular culture or country. I have always believed that food can make people come together and relate in a different but magical way that can be difficult to explain.
Regarding my careers goals I would like to become a great restaurant manager in the city of New York, and one day be able to create and manage my own restaurant.

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My Courses

WDW College Program

WDW College Program

Internship with the Walt Disney Company, Orlando Florida

Urban Tourism

Urban Tourism

This course will examine urban tourism as a vehicle of urban renewal and economic regeneration. The roles of government, business, and the community will be explored as well as issues of development, management, the environment and social equity. New York City and Brooklyn will be evaluated as models for the development, challenges and opportunities of urban tourism.

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