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HMGT 2402 S19

Prof. Karen Goodlad
2402|Spring 2019

Prof. Goodlad Leads students through an introduction to fermented beverages throughout the world. Study of beverage making and tasting procedures including jargon particular to the beverage trade is reinforced.

ENG1101 D340 English Composition I, SPR2015

Jason W. Ellis
English|ENG1101|Spring 2015

City Tech’s ENG 1101 course prepares you for the kinds of communication, research, and literacy that you will use throughout your academic and professional careers. Furthermore, it develops students’ und […]

HMGT2303 D436 Culinary Arts 2 FL18

HMGT2303 D436 Culinary Arts 2 FL18

Tracy Zimmermann
Hospitality Man...|HMGT2303|Fall 2018

Culinary Terminology and Techniques in a Production Setting.