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Instead of attending a winery I decided to go to All Points West Distillery. The location is  73 Tichenor St, Newark, NJ. All Points West distillery is a very nice place to visit whether,  it’s to attend one of their tours or enjoy some food in their quite small or rather petite restaurant, where they also host tastings. The tasting room is quite small as well, but it’s completely overlooked by the outstanding décor. Once everyone that was attending the tour came to the tasting room, we were taken to their factory where they have barrels of their whiskeys and where the distillery machines and fermenting barrels are located. First we were taken to their Boozeum room where our tour guide Lacey gave us all a lesson on how whiskey was started and the history behind All Points West Distillery. Next, we were taken into the production room where you can see their distill machines and huge barrels where they hold the fermenting process. First, the employees were working with one boiler but now they are going to start using their new boiler to fill up larger barrels to ferment the whiskey. During the tour, Lacey mentioned their goals and one of them was finally releasing their 750 milliliter bottle because right now at the moment they are just selling pint and half pint size bottles. The two main ingredients that they use in their whiskey distillery is 80% corn and 20% molten barley. All their corn and other ingredients that they use for infusions come from a farm called Lake Free Organic where 75% of their ingredients come from. And since the distillery has tons of land, they age all their whiskey in that facility. After we was shown and explained the process of how the whiskeys are made in the distillery factory, we were taken back into their shop where we was given to try 5 kinds of whiskeys that are produced by them. However by law for one single person they are allowed to be offered 4 shots of whiskeys in the tour that we was given. For the four shots of whiskey that I tasted where Moonshine, Straight bourbon, Peated bourbon, and Grapefruit with Jalapeno.  The Moonshine I kinda enjoyed because it wasn’t way to strong and it didn’t leave me a after taste nor my throat burning. The second one, the straight bourbon wasn’t bad but it left my throat burning for a good while then I went on to tasting the Peated bourbon and I kinda enjoyed that one more than the other two that I had just had. Finally it was time to taste the last one which was the grapefruit with jalapeno whiskey which caught my attention because it was a weird combination that I heard and was curious to find out how it would taste. Unfortunately I did not enjoy it at all and the aftertaste that it left was the worst part. Not only was I the only one that didn’t enjoy it but I spoke to other people who were part of the tour and they told me as well that they didn’t enjoy that one as well and they was getting that after taste a lot too. Overall I really enjoyed my visit to All Points West distillery from learning the history on whiskey’s, how All Points came to be. The experience was grand I was finally getting to taste some of the whiskey’s that they produce. It’s a tour that I would for sure recommend to friends and family to go visit for they can as well learn about the history of whiskey’s.

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