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PHIL2203ID Health Care Ethics, OL77, FA2020

PHIL2203ID Health Care Ethics, OL77, FA2020

Rob MacDougall
PHIL 2203ID|Fall 2020

An examination of the major ethical theories on what is morally right and wrong, and the meaning of moral concepts (e.g., the concepts of right and duty). Focus is on ethical problems associated with the practice […]

ENG 1121 D440 Fall 2019

Amber Slater
Fall 2019

Welcome to ENG 1121! This course builds on its prerequisite, ENG 1101. Together, we will explore and write within new genres, conduct research, and reflect on our writing practices. The big goal is that after you […]

ENG1101-D335 Eng Comp 1, Fa2017

Cecily Iddings
English|ENG1101|Fall 2017

This is a course in effective essay writing and basic research techniques, including use of the library. Demanding readings are assigned for classroom discussion and as a basis for essay writing. Our course […]