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ARCH3631, Advanced Materials Workshop, F2017

ARCH3631, Advanced Materials Workshop, F2017

Alexander Aptekar
Architectural T...|ARCH 3631|Fall 2017

Building design and construction must anticipate an influx of smart materials which respond more acutely to environmental conditions and limitations. This course synthesizes research in materials science with the […]

ARCH 2430 – Building Technology IV

Alexander Aptekar
Architectural T...|ARCH 2430|Fall 2014

This course studies the development of building systems as they occur during the design development phase of architecture. Using case study research methods, students analyze factors, such as building assemblies […]

Building Technology Readings

Alexander Aptekar
Architectural T...

Readings & Resources for Building Technology This site contains articles on construction documents, codes, AutoCAD and Revit/BIM.

Complete Dentures RESD 2311

Avis J. Smith
Restorative Den...|RESD 2311|Fall 2012

A study of the principles and procedures of constructing a maxillary immediate denture and a surgical template. Also fabricating a Hader Bar and clips for an overdenture mandibular denture completed.

ARCH1110 Foundations 1 FA2014

Architectural T...|Fall 2014

Architectural Design I: Foundations is the first course in the one-year foundation sequence which increases the student’s ability to perceive visual cues, create visual design, formulate concepts, and render i […]


Prof. Paul King
Advertising Des...|ARCH 4400|Fall 2014



Prof. Paul King
Architectural T...|ARCH.2330|Spring 2014

Second Site for Spring 2014


Prof. Paul King
Architectural T...|ARCH3510|Spring 2014


AR2330 Btech3 SP14

Prof. Paul King
Architectural T...|ARCH 2330|Spring 2014

Building Technology IIII