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Complete Dentures RESD 2311

Avis J. Smith
Restorative Den...|RESD 2311|Fall 2012

A study of the principles and procedures of constructing a maxillary immediate denture and a surgical template. Also fabricating a Hader Bar and clips for an overdenture mandibular denture completed.

PHYS 2607 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, Fall 2018

Physics|PHYS 2607|Fall 2018

In this course students will learn the foundations and basic applications of quantum mechanics. We will discuss the origins of quantum theory, Planck’s law for black-body radiation, the photoelectric effect, and w […]

Physics 1.3

Physics|PHYS 1441|Fall 2012

Physics, as one of the natural sciences, aims to discover the fundamental laws of the universe. Using theoretical and experimental methods, physicists study the basic structure of matter, space, and time. […]