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MAT 2680 Differential Equations Spring 2023

Kate Poirier
MAT2680|Spring 2023

An introduction to solving ordinary differential equations. Applications to various problems are discussed.

ENG1141 Creative Writing, SP2022 D304

Jessica Penner
ENG1141|Spring 2022

All writing is creative, including the writing you do for school, internet posts to social media, and text/email messages. Where there was a blank page–virtual or otherwise–and you fill it with your words, you hav […]

ENG92, Dev Writing, July 2020

Monroe Street
ENG92|Summer 2020

Developmental English

ENG925R FYSP Reading Express, Summer 2020

Jessica Penner
ENG925R|Summer 2020

This course is designed to help you improve your reading comprehension so that you can become a successful college student and citizen. We will focus on developing vocabulary, determining main ideas, finding […]