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Learning Disabled woman who’s gone back to. college after being shot down in her computer science degree in the 90s. Tech genius, lover of good poetry and music (all music), admirer of reason and justice.. I hate when things go wrong but especially when it’s to the wrong person, my politics and sense of justice are extraordinarily intersectional and heavily guided by my rebellion against ableism. I am in a complicated headset as a trans non-binary woman. I don’t, and in many cases won’t fit into your narrative.

I am highly intersectional, and will often push others in front of me up and forward, even when they might hold slightly more privelege. My offense to oppression in general is far more important than my sense of individual (self) social oppression.

She/Her/Hers, They/Them/Their, Xie/Xem/Xyr but never ever ever the R*# word.

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This course focuses on literature, scholarly writing, and films that examine specifically the role(s) of girls and women, both nationally and internationally, and determines whether women themselves or others (external forces, individuals, or social systems) construct definitions of womanhood. The course utilizes texts, by both men and women, and addresses such themes as womanism, stereotypes, feminism, violence, politics, intimate/familial relationships, sex, sexuality, sexual orientation, and prescribed and evolving gender roles as they relate to girls and women.

LAW1103 Civil Law & Procedure SP2019

LAW1103 Civil Law & Procedure SP2019

This course addresses the theory and application of law and procedure in civil litigation with emphasis on New York State law. It focuses on the role of the paralegal in preparing for litigation, including an understanding of the court system, steps in the litigation process and their time lines, drafting documents, trial and post-trial topics, and an introduction to the use of the computer in litigation. Prerequisites are CUNY proficiency in reading and writing; pre- or corequisites are LAW 1101 and ENG 1101. Three credits.

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Prism Alliance

Prism Alliance

Welcome to the prism alliance at citytytech. We are a inclusivity safespace for all LGBTPQIA++ students and our allies., We will have actual hang out hours in the library projection room , Thursdays from 1-2 (during club hours).

NYCCT Pride Club

NYCCT Pride Club

This is the now defunct NYCCT Pride Club. The pride is now the Prism Alliance. The clubs active site is at openab.citytech.cuny.edu/prismalliance/

CUDALs – CityTech Union for Differently Abled  Learners

CUDALs – CityTech Union for Differently Abled Learners

This site is home to CUDALS, the CityTech Union for Differently Abled Learners. The campus disability’ / differentability pride and support club.

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