16 thoughts on “Day03 6/4/2019”

  1. The most interesting phenomena related to fluid to me would be the flow system in automobiles. Some example can be, the exhaust system, air and gas flow to the engine.

  2. Most interested phenomena are the Free energy, hydroenergy, that produce electricity(ENERGY).

  3. The most interesting phenomena is what is called hydraulic jump. when you turn on a tap for example and the water hits the sink and it slows down, it creates a circle. There is also a thin layer of water inside the circle and a deeper layer outside the circle if your look closely.

  4. Windshield wiper fluid was always cool to me. How they worked and how they were positioned.

  5. the most interesting phenomena to me related to fluids is the current of air that flows through a turbine that allows a plane to fly.

  6. Something interesting involving fluids involves hydroplaning. Occurs when water pressure in the front of the wheel pushes water underneath the tire, and the tire is then separated from the road surface by a thin film of water and loses traction. As well as loss of steering and braking.

  7. some lotions/creams have a higher viscosity so turning the container upside down doesn’t cause it to spill out, instead to you have to apply pressure to it

  8. An interesting phenomena related to fluid for me is how just the simple addition of a spray methanol injection to a high performance boosted engine can replicate race fuel witch added a cooling affect in the combustion chamber when using standard fuel like 91 octane or E85. This not only adds HP and allows for more advanced timing but can also stop knock or detonation to high performance engines when using fuels with low ethanol content .

  9. While not the most interesting phenomenon I witness in fluid mechanics, its a regular occurrence in my day to day life which would be when you flush the toilet. Ideally, you would have a laminar flow when flushing, but sometimes, you can experience some form of turbulence.

  10. The most interesting phenomena related to fluid in my life would be the cooling system used in cars. Antifreeze flows throughout the engine to keep it from overheating.

  11. One phenomena could be the use of a compressor which is a device that increase the pressure of a fluid so that it can be transported through a pipe

  12. one of the most interesting phenomenal about fluid is the flow of blood in the body. it is excruciatingly interesting because unlike most fluids such as oil or gas or vapor, they require renewals or complete change. but when it comes to blood, it has a self filtration that cleans the blood and with its own unique continues flow that never seize to end.

  13. The most interesting phenomena related to fluids to me would be the hydraulic jump. It occurs when I drink from tap water and notice a circle directly underneath the tap where there seems to be no water.

  14. The most interesting phenomena related to fluid in my life is the oil, antifreeze,and braking fluids in the car and how each fluid has a purpose for the car to function such as braking fluids to help transfer force into pressure between the pads and plate when the owner presses the brakes on the car.

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