EX16 6/24/2019

Air enters a compressor with a density of 1.2 kg/m^3 at a mean velocity of 4m/s in the 6-by-6cm square inlet duct. Air is discharged from the compressor with a mean velocity of 3 m/s in a 5cm diameter circular pipe. Determine the mass flow rate and the density at the outlet.

Same as EX16-1 but paremeters are changed as follows. Calculate the mass flow rate and the density at the outlel:
10by10cm duct

A 20 mm dam pipe forks, one branch being 10 mm in diameter and the other 15 mm in diameter. If the velocity in the 10 mm pipe is 0.3 m/s and that in the 15mm pipe is 0.6 m/s, calculate the rate of flow in cm3/s and velocity in m/s in the 20mm diameter pipe.

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