Journal Entry #13

One of the apps I’ve decided to review is called Figure. It’s a creativity app that gives you tools to easily create music and beats. As soon as you open the app, it gives a quick tutorial on how to use the app and navigate it. There are three main sections that produce sound, drum, bass, and lead. Each section has multiple modules in them where you can change each sound and how often they happen, represented by a name and number respectively. You can also move your finger around to slightly change how each part sounds. Sometimes it will increase or decrease the pitch of a sound, or sometimes it will muffle or clarify a sound. When you’ve decided on your sounds, you can change how quiet or loud each one is in the Mix tab. You can even change the tempo, key, and tonality of the song you’ve created in the Global tab. Once you’re completely done, you can give your song a name and title, and save it so you can listen to it again in the app. Overall, I had a lot of fun playing around with the different sounds and hearing with what I could come up with. It’s honestly pretty hard to put down when you get into a groove. The app is completely free and, surprisingly, doesn’t have any ads at all. I’d recommend this app to anyone of any age as it lets one’s musical ability run free with all it has to offer.