Journal Entry #16

Since the semester is almost over, that means my internship is almost over. We’re required to make a presentation of everything we’ve done so far as well as our experience, and after that presentation, we’re pretty much done. Since I have to make a presentation for my internship class anyway, this is a good way to have a first draft and just tweak what I have. I’m making my presentation about the work that I did while interning at the college, as well as progress as a whole. For every design I made, there was feedback given and changes to be made. Without that feedback, my work wouldn’t have been refined into what it is today. Essentially, I was the designer, and my supervisor and the college were my clients. Therefore, although I was the one designing, I still had to take what they said about my work into account, and alter it to their liking. This is all part of the process, and from a process comes progress.

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