Journal Entry #15

On May 2nd, some other interns and I met up at Brooklyn College to film the college’s first TikTok. It was quite a journey, since I’d never taken the 2 train and been in that area of Brooklyn before. When I finally got to the campus, I felt like someone from a movie going to college for the first time. The campus was extremely nice to walk around, and the pink leaves on the trees made it feel like a dream. There were benches and small tables that students could sit at, as well as many trees that would provide shade on a sunny day. City Tech doesn’t really have a campus, so experiencing something like that was a breath of fresh air from just walking from building to building on busy city roads. After admiring the campus, I found my supervisor and other interns and we proceeded to film the TikTok. The topic of the TikTok was facts about the college, so we used some props and did things that related to the facts. The filming took around an hour, and after that we all split up and went our separate ways. It was nice to see my supervisor and fellow interns in person instead of on a computer screen, and finally visit the place I was interning at.

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