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Setting Up a Tri-fold Brochure

If you are designing a tri-fold brochure and are still having a few problems setting it up, here is a video tutorial that should help you out. The design in this tutorial is not great but it will help with … Continue reading

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More You Should Know About Typography

As a graphic designer, knowing typography is very important and it is essential to know the correct terminology. Also a large part of working with InDesign is the use of type. Here are some video tutorials to help reinforce some … Continue reading

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Typography is Everywhere

Once you begin to study typography, you begin to notice that it is everywhere.  Here is a good video that will help you understand why selecting the right typeface for your project is important.

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In the next few weeks we will begin to review some of the elements of typography and how type is successfully used in design. But what is typography? Typography is not only the study of type, it is the art … Continue reading

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Working with Text and Graphics in InDesign

As you are progressing with your first class project, you should make sure you are familiar with using text and graphics in InDesign. In order to add text to your document, you must add a text box first. You will … Continue reading

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Some Basic Graphic Design Principles

In class we began to cover the basic principles of graphic design. Here is a video that may be useful to help you better understand some of the principles that we covered in class.

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Creating Thumbnails

As a designer, one of your first steps (after collecting all the information about your project) will be to create thumbnails sketches. Thumbnails sketches are small, quick, rough sketches to help you brainstorm and come up with ideas for your … Continue reading

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Getting Started with InDesign

Before you can use InDesign for the first time, it is important to understand the application window and how to start a new document. Though we did a quick review in class, here are 2 great videos found on Adobe … Continue reading

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Hello and Welcome!

Hello students. Welcome to Publication Media, ADV1161 sections 7126 and 7130. As a part of the collaborative learning experience, this will be our website. You will find plenty of information and resources about graphic design and typography here. Aside from … Continue reading

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