Setting Up a Tri-fold Brochure

If you are designing a tri-fold brochure and are still having a few problems setting it up, here is a video tutorial that should help you out. The design in this tutorial is not great but it will help with the set up and importing images if you need a refresher. We will review again in class.

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Free Fonts

hi guys, I just came across this website that lets you download free font.

-Iqra Masroor


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More You Should Know About Typography

As a graphic designer, knowing typography is very important and it is essential to know the correct terminology. Also a large part of working with InDesign is the use of type.

Here are some video tutorials to help reinforce some the materials and exercises we’ve covered in class. Use these as a refresher.

Type Anatomy and Terminology

Understanding Varieties of Type Styles

Type Classification

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Typography is Everywhere

Once you begin to study typography, you begin to notice that it is everywhere.  Here is a good video that will help you understand why selecting the right typeface for your project is important.

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type slugs

In the next few weeks we will begin to review some of the elements of typography and how type is successfully used in design. But what is typography? Typography is not only the study of type, it is the art of arranging type. It involves the selection of typefaces, type sizes, leading, tracking, kerning and various other typographic elements to create an aesthetically pleasing page.  Typography is extremely important to graphic design. You can’t have good graphic design with the proper use of typography.

There is a very informative and thorough article on the Creative Bloq site titled, What is Typography? A glossary for budding designers. The opening paragraph from the article states:

“What is typography? Well, amongst other things, it’s a field littered with esoterica. Listen in on a group of typography fanatics, and it often feels like you’re listening to a foreign tongue.”

Read the rest of the article in preparation for our discussion in class. What is Typography? A glossary for budding designers.

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Sources of inspiration and more on contrast

Hello, krystine here from the tuesday class. Here’s some things I wanted to share.

First up is Gigposters. It’s all about flyers, posters, ads etc.

Then there’s a nice post I found about Contrast at a site called GoMediaZine.

They have a lot of useful tutorials and other things that may help you when you can’t figure how to make a layout work, or don’t understand something.

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Very Fun Site

Hi Guys,

I found this really great website called the Ads Of The World and basically they showcase the ad campaigns from different designing agencies all over the world. Some of the ads are really brilliant! Tons of ideas can be picked up there.


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Using Live Trace in Adobe Illustrator

Hi Everyone.

I’m using the Live Trace feature in illustrator to create content for one of my jazz posters and I thought that some of you might find it useful as well. I’m posting a link to a youtube video that I came across that does a pretty good job of explaining how it works.


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Working with Text and Graphics in InDesign

As you are progressing with your first class project, you should make sure you are familiar with using text and graphics in InDesign. In order to add text to your document, you must add a text box first. You will either import or cut and paste text to the desired text box. You will do the same when you need to add graphics or a photo—there must first be a graphic box or frame. Use the following videos if you need to refresh your memory from what we’ve done in class.

Understanding Text Frames

Importing Graphics

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Another Site For Inspiration!

I’ve know this site for quite some time now, and im sure a lot of you guys do too. For those who don’t its called , a lot of cool stuff on that site. Check it out!
– Larry Pang

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