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In the next few weeks we will begin to review some of the elements of typography and how type is successfully used in design. But what is typography? Typography is not only the study of type, it is the art of arranging type. It involves the selection of typefaces, type sizes, leading, tracking, kerning and various other typographic elements to create an┬áaesthetically┬ápleasing page. ┬áTypography is extremely important to graphic design. You can’t have good graphic design with the proper use of typography.

There is a very informative and thorough article on the Creative Bloq site titled, What is Typography? A glossary for budding designers. The opening paragraph from the article states:

“What is typography? Well, amongst other things, it’s a field littered with esoterica. Listen in on a group of typography fanatics, and it often feels like you’re listening to a foreign tongue.”

Read the rest of the article in preparation for our discussion in class. What is Typography? A glossary for budding designers.

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  1. Ninoshka says:

    Thank you Professor.
    In one of my graphic classes we were talking about the different typography.
    I can’t wait to take a class with this subject.

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