WeBWorK is an open source online homework system, with problem sets custom designed by City Tech faculty to support and reinforce your learning. Starting in Spring 2021, you will access WeBWorK through a third-party website, Rederly.  You can create an account on Rederly by signing up with the your City Tech email address (you MUST use your City Tech email to register).  Once you have an account, your professor will provide you with a link you can use to join your WeBWorK section on the Rederly platform.

Need help with Rederly?  Take a look at the Rederly tutorials – they include tutorial videos for students on registering, enrolling, completing assignments, and more. There is also a Rederly FAQ page for students.

New to WeBWorK? Check out the WeBWorK Guide for Students.

Having trouble with your WeBWorK homework? The WeBWorK Q&A site is a place to ask and answer questions about your homework problems.  HINT: To ask a question, you must start by logging in to your WeBWorK section, then click  “Ask a Question” after any problem.

Support for Faculty
If you’re a faculty member using WeBWorK, there are more resources available in the “For Faculty” menu.