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Midterm Grades Posted on OpenLab Gradebook

Please be advised that grades have been posted to our OpenLab gradebook. The grades for Exams 1 and 2 include any extra credit submitted – except in the case where I didn’t receive an original exam along with the extra credit. In those cases I could not add on points.

The WeBWorK scores include only assignments which have CLOSED to date. No open assignments were counted in this score.

The midterm grade was calculated based on 80% exam score average and 20% WeBWorK grade. Please see me during office hours if you would like to discuss your grade.

If you do not see your grades in the gradebook – this means you have not followed instructions and become a member of our course site. The instructions on how to do this are posted along with the welcome message from our first day of class. If you become a member, and would like me to post your grades, please send me an email to alert me.

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