In the video “Artist Series” Paula said that “New York City ate the identity of public theaters” because everywhere you see on posters, in the subways, on billboards. It is just everywhere one type of style that is plastered everywhere. It’s also very interesting how people say “just go with your guts” and what Paula said she went with her instinct and she also said if she “doesn’t get it the first crack she will get it in her second and if she doesn’t get it in the second then she would never get it.” I feel the same way with clients when they come to you for design help and your ability to help them in like a split second with a solution that came to you off the top of your head, and the client has paid you for it, they would feel that they aren’t getting their money worth because it didn’t feel like you took much thought into it. But as a designer myself if you’re able to come up with a solution very fast that’s a pat on the shoulders. I am surprised that even though Paula has been doing this for years she was able to learn new techniques from other designers. One thing that Paula said that helped her later on in her career was that she had a polish illustrator who was her teacher named Stanishlaw Skiorsky told her to illustrate with type and not just stick the type somewhere and an illustration onto a blank page.

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