After watching all three videos of Paula Scher it was great to know about her. While watching her first video she talks about jazz and how she started designing for jazz. So when she started designing jazz. She worked with Wynton and asked his opinion about how she should represent her work. His opinion was it should be syncopated. Also, I learned about what is syncopated? Syncopated is a single page when we have a bunch of things in order and one of them is off. This means that half the amount of your work has been approved and the other half has been rejected. So you should try your best to do things right, Palau had to make many changes to get things right. She received many different comments to make a change in her work when she was designing jazz. She had many different options to approve. I think we all should have a B plan when we are designing things because we don’t know what can happen at any moment and I have experienced it a lot for example “menu.” she kept on doing what he said for it and got at the end. She created it as an identity. While watching her second video I learned about what she talks about is her work is play. She plays around when she designs. I also agree with what she said about Endeavor and gambling because sometimes I do that as well. When I am designing I put on a timer to get things done on time or sometimes I like to play around with my design. Also while we design or do something we need to be solemn which means to be easy. While I design I get too serious sometimes and being serious is hard but then at the same time, I need to be easy on myself to get things right. Also, Russel beakers said solemnity seriousness to design, it doesn’t necessarily make any particular point about quality. Solemn design is often an important and very effective design. Solemn design is also socially correct and is accepted by appropriate audiences. Finally, in the third video which was my favorite from the beginning I like the sentence he starts with. In this video, I found most interesting the four projects shown and discussed. Her project was great. I joined watching her the first project she talked about with “H” to create an “F”. Also, she talks about crapola which is something to sell stuff. So people create something which is “real,” something is going on. Her second project was great as well. I would like to do something like this for my projects as well. I would like to have a gallery or show with my art in it to represent my art.

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