Group presentations

The final assignment for the Case Study is the group presentation.

Each group is responsible for putting together a 10-20 minute (total) interdisciplinary presentation on their assigned case. The group should meet together (in person or virtually) and attempt to reach a consensus about how to resolve the main ethical dilemma in the case they have been assigned. The group presentation, like individual written papers, should have a thesis that resolves the main ethical dilemma in the case by making a normative, practical recommendation for the physician(s) or health care team in the case. The bulk of the presentation should be composed of arguments and evidence that supports the thesis, developed earlier by each student in their annotated bibliography and written report.

If the group cannot reach a consensus on what to do in their case, they should present a position that the majority of students in the group support, and then present the “minority” position as objections against the majority position. This way the group can have a productive dialogue between students who disagree about the best option in the case.

The presentation will occur during normal class time.  You may utilize powerpoint or other slides during your presentation as well, if you think they will improve your presentation. 

Look at the rubric for the group presentation to see how they are graded.