Researching Your Case

You will need to find five sources relevant to your case for both the annotated bibliography and the paper assignment. They do not necessarily need to be the same 5 articles.

These sources must be peer-reviewed articles from the relevant academic discipline. They should not be from blogs, news articles, or other non-academic sources.

In order to find these articles, spend some time searching the databases listed below. Always conduct your research through City Tech Library databases—this will get you access to many more articles than you would otherwise have access to.

Databases for Health Care and Health Care Ethics Research

Google Scholar

User-friendly database. The search function is very smart: you can insert natural language questions, ideas, keywords, authors, etc, into the search box, and it will bring up relevant results.

Look for a link next to articles that says, “Find fulltext at NYCCT”


Database produced by the National Library of Medicine. Best all-round database for anything related to health care. Includes comprehensive coverage of medicine and nursing and allied health, and covers most of the philosophical literature related to health care.

Select an article, then look for a link on the right side that says “Find it! @CUNY”

Philosopher’s Index

Best database for philosophy research.

Look for a link that says “Find it! @CUNY”

CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature)

Best database for nursing resources.

Click the link that says, “Find it! @CUNY”