ENG 2160, S22: Introduction to Women’s Studies (1 section)

This course focuses on literature, scholarly writing, and films that examines specifically the role(s) of girls and women, both nationally and internationally, and determines whether women themselves or others (external forces, individuals, or social systems) construct definitions of womanhood. The course utilizes texts, by both men and women, and addresses such themes as womanism, stereotypes, feminism, violence, politics, intimate/familial relationships, sex, sexuality, sexual orientation, and prescribed and evolving gender roles as they relate to girls and women.

Requirement Designation: Flexible Core – World Cultures & Global Issues

Writing Intensive

Prerequisites: ENG 1101

  • Professor Nina Bannett
  • ENG 2160-OL52
  • Online Asynchronous (no real-time Zoom sessions)

Basic information about Professor Bannett’s section of ENG 2160.

Text: "What is feminism? How has it changed over time and around the world?​

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    • ENG 2160-OL52
    • Online Asynchronous (no real-time Zoom sessions)

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