Blog Post 1: People have their right to choose where they stay – Jayden Fang

People do have the right to stay in the communities that they want to live because they are the  first group of people who live in there. They witnessed the development of the community from prosperous to desolate. Small businesses had established relationships with their customers and residents already get used to meet their neighbors in the street every day. In the film “My Brooklyn”, the local governments, urban planners and decision makers had released the new plan to rezone the downtown Brooklyn, which they forced those small businesses to move out, so they could build their luxurious stores or apartments. However, they didn’t offer any financial assistance or provide the information of recommend location for small business owners move to other than just inform the owners to leave within a month. I don’t agree on how the local governments and city planners treat small businesses of the local community. Yes, those planners may try to come up with a new plan to make the community better, but they didn’t make a reasonable deal with the small business owners before they start with their plan, which what they did is just inform the small business owners and snatch their property. The local governments and urban planners should hold several meetings and survey to inform not just the small businesses but also the residents that live in the community to ask their opinion of the new plan. Meanwhile, the city planners should research and make a site analysis about what people, and the community actual need instead of building something that shouldn’t belong to that area.

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