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Themes, Topics, Groups & site visit on Wednesday, February 22

If you did not post Site Report #1 to our OpenLab site, you have a short extension because of the snow day and various technical issues. Please post by 6 pm on Thursday, February 16 for full credit.

Questions & hypotheses emerged from our discussion

Today we investigated questions and hypotheses from your site reports and discussed themes and topics that emerged from your first site visit. Topics and groups are below:



  1. Navy Yard & Vinegar Hill – relationship
    1. Armend, Mohammad, Jarryd, Mark
  2. Preservation vs. Development (including land use and zoning)
    1. Stacey, Aya, Pedro, Caitlin, Javier
  3. Art & gentrification
    1. Deandra, Jovani, Aissa
  4. DUMBO & Vinegar Hill
    1. waterfront
    2. Cesar, Jeferson, Inkary, Jim
  5. Farragut Houses & DUMBO/VH
    1. walls & barriers
    2. Lana, Moe, Stephan, Colin

On Wednesday, February 22, we return to Vinegar Hill/DUMBO for our second site visit. We meet at 1pm SHARP at the corner of Jay Street and John Street. Please come prepared with sketchbooks & pencils/pens and a charged phone or camera. If you don’t see our group on the sidewalk, check the Brooklyn Roasting Company at 25 Jay Street.

Preparing site report #1 for next Monday, and short readings for Wednesday 2/15

In class today we recorded our thoughts about the site visit in this document and learned about urban renewal through a variety of case studies.

Your first site report is due, posted to the OpenLab site, on Monday, February 13. Here are the steps to open, complete, save, and upload your site report:

  1. Open the Google doc from this link
  2. save a copy with a new filename
  3. add your content (text and images)
  4. Save your site report as a Reduced Size PDF
  5. Post your site report to the OpenLab course site
    1. Once you are logged into the OpenLab, add a new post from the Dashboard or click the + sign > Post from the top menu
    2. title your post
    3. Add Media > Upload Files > Select your PDF > Insert into Post
    4. Be sure to click Publish on the right side of the screen

On Wednesday, February 15, we meet in A543 as usual. Please review the following websites:

Architectural Technology Subject Guide
How Search Works
Evaluating Internet Sources

Follow up on our site visit today

We covered a lot of ground on our walk today around Vinegar Hill and Farragut Houses. Here is the route we took — you can use it to remind yourself of places we saw and topics we discussed. We will continue the discussion on Wednesday in class — start considering areas and topics that interest you most and why. As promised, here is the site regarding the DUMBO Railroad Tracks


We had a great start sketching yesterday. Sketching requires eye-hand coordination and it takes practice. Even a few minutes a day can make a difference. The book Freehand Sketching by Paul Laseau has useful explanations and exercises. and there are 3 copies in the library. For complete beginners I recommend to start with p. 21 (getting comfortable with sketch media) and p. 14 (contour drawing) – this is completely optional.  Also here is a link to the video about one-point perspective we saw in class:

Enjoy! See you Monday! Prof. Joelson

Preparing for our first site visit on Monday, February 6

In class today we reviewed the NYCHA Wikipedia article, learned about representations of buildings such as plans and elevations, learned about one-point perspective, and drew our footwear. On Monday, February 6 we will visit the site we’re studying and surrounding neighborhoods. Please meet promptly at 1 pm at the corner of Hudson Avenue and Plymouth Street. Bring an unlined notebook and pencils for sketching as well as your phone or a camera.

To reach the meeting place from campus, exit the college at 300 Jay Street and turn left. Walk down Jay Street, under the Manhattan Bridge overpass, and take a right onto Plymouth Street. It is just under one mile from campus; about a 15-20 minute walk. You can also take the F train to York Street and walk down Jay St. to Plymouth St., The B57 bus to Navy Street and Nassau Street or the B67 bus to Bridge Street & Front Street will also get you partway there.

On Wednesday, we meet in A543 as usual.  Please read the following pages in Visual Notes for Architects and Designers: Appendix: tools and techniques, pp.188-225. You’ll find a copy of the book on reserve in the City Tech library: NA2750 .C76 2012.


Welcome to LIB2205/ARCH2205!

Welcome to the Spring 2017 semester and to the course! Assigned readings/viewings and information about the upcoming course meeting will usually be posted immediately after class. For Wednesday, February 1, please read the following Wikipedia articles and be prepared to discuss them:

Urban Renewal
Public Housing
Downtown Brooklyn

You should all have received an invitation to join the course site; please check your college email account and follow the instructions to join. Once you are a member you’ll be able to participate in conversations that take place here and you’ll be able to message your professors and classmates.

Looking forward to a busy and interesting semester studying Brooklyn with you all.

~Prof. Leonard