Reading / Watching / Listening

*All PDFs available in Blackboard

“About that Square.” Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1845. 

Almeida, Nora and Jen Hoyer. “Decolonize This Place.” Social Movement Archive, 2021. [PDF–Blackboard]

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Boyd, Andrew, and Dave Oswald Mitchell. Beautiful Trouble : A Toolbox for Revolution, 2012. ebook. (Library Login required for off-campus access) 

Break & Enter a.k.a Squatters (Newsreel #62). TWNR, 1971. (Avon) (Library Login required for off-campus access) 

Busá, Alessandro. “Rezoning NYC: Slogans Versus Hard Facts.” The Creative Destruction of New York City, 2017. (p.125-139) [PDF–Blackboard]

Citizen Jane: Battle for the City (film). Director: Matt Tyrnauer, 2016 (Avon) (Library Login required for off-campus access) 

Climate Changes Reverend Billy 

Comprehensive Waterfront Plan (pg. 39, 91-105) 

Community District Profiles 

Dawson, Ashley. “Introduction.” Extreme Cities, 2017. [PDF–Blackboard]

Gehl, Jan. “Senses, Communication, and Dimensions.” Life Between Buildings, 2011. [PDF–Blackboard]

“Gowanus Rezoning: Done Deal or Pipe Dream?” (Documentary). Director: Lyuwei Chen. 2021.  

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“Making Corlears a Park.” New York Times, 1895. Library:

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“My Brooklyn” (film). Director: Kelly Anderson. New Day Films, 2012. (Kanopy) (Library Login required for off-campus access) 

New York City’s Privately Owned Public Spaces.

Occupy Sandy

Odell, Jenny. “How to Do Nothing.” Medium, 2017.  *Skim intro and read part 2 “The Architecture of Nothing”

Pujol, Ernesto. “Walking & Socially Engaged Practice.” Walking Art Practice : Reflections on Socially Engaged Paths, 2018. [PDF–Blackboard]

———“Walking Urban Memories” Walking Art Practice : Reflections on Socially Engaged Paths, 2018. [PDF–Blackboard]

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Smith, Phil. Counter-Tourism: The Handbook. Devon: Triarchy, 1993. Ebook. (Library Login required for off-campus access) (excerpts as assigned) 

“Social Justice Tours.” Audio Interference (Podcast) 

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“Warehouses return to Brooklyn Waterfront.” (panel discussion) Brooklyn Waterfront Research Center, 2021. (excerpts as assigned)

“What is Zoning?” Center for Urban Pedagogy, 2013. (excerpts as assigned)