Final Project

In groups of 4-5, develop a 20 minute podcast on a topic related to a specific social, economic, ecological, or political issue (environmental justice, urban renewal, public space, zoning, climate crisis) we’ve explored this semester. Your podcast should focus on a specific place (eg. a neighborhood, a park, a NYCHA complex) and be created with a specific audience in mind (politicians or decision makers, tourists, community members, activists, etc).

Royalty / Copyright Free music / audio:

Each group will be responsible for the content, format, and technical delivery of the podcast. Each group member must contribute to all stages of the project (outlined below).

Examples of podcast formats include:

  • Reporting
  • Oral Histories
  • Historical Narratives
  • Interviews
  • Panel Discussions
  • Walking Tours

In addition to creating and editing an audio recording and producing a podcast, each group will:

  • Strategically incorporate and explicitly reference at least two relevant resources selected from your annotated bibliography.
  • Select an image to accompany your podcast with a license that permits reuse.
  • Provide basic metadata for your podcast including at least three descriptive keywords.
  • Select a Creative Commons license to dictate how your podcast can be used by others.

Your podcast will be completed in 4 stages

  1. Proposal: planning and prewriting (5% of total grade)
  2. Annotated Bibliography: research (10% of total grade)
  3. Podcast: script development & technical production (15% of total grade)
  4. Documentation: OpenLab site development (5% of total grade)


Create a short project proposal of 100-200 words that includes your research question and a brief discussion of the issue your podcast will address and the format your podcast will take. Indicate who is impacted by this issue, what place your podcast will focus on, and what audience you hope to engage with your podcast.

Annotated Bibliography

Use your annotated bibliography to record research you conduct on: a site specific environmental, economic, political, or social issue; communities impacted by this issue; municipal processes associated with / potential solutions to address this issue. Include a minimum of 2 sources per group member. APA format.

Consult assignment guidelines and template for more details.

Documentation and OpenLab Project Site

Project Site:

Tutorial on using OpenLab

Example Project Site:

A section of an OpenLab project site will be created by each group, containing an introduction to the issue, place, and impacted community; a discussion of the podcast format; an annotated bibliography and citations for all additional sources consulted; podcast script or notes used during audio recording; and a critical reflection on the project as a whole (what challenges did you encounter, what worked well, how would you approach this project differently if you were to do it again).