Discussion # 4

As someone who has visited Jones beach I can say, “The legacy of Robert Moses, and reasoning of why it was created and monumental impact it had among crowds is still vividly lived today.” It indeed is one of the busiest beaches on the East Coast in my opinion and it’s a beach that has that welcoming appeal and warm feeling towards the masses. I can see and appreciate how the public must have felt when Jones beach first open in the 20th century since it had so many components and amenities for a beachside oceanfront land area. It was something different for the time. and now as it becomes a historical landscape you can still happily visit and appreciate the content the beach has to offer although to a generation of now it might not seem as impressive at first glance.

            Another interesting observation from the video and from the article is the fact that two men despite not having the best relationship among each other, they were both able to overcome their differences and stand up for something they both strongly believed in, and that was the protection of public park. The protection of green spaces which are very ideal in a city.

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