Hello class,

I’ve decided to make a few announcements.

  • I’ve added a question regarding the Central Limit Theorem to the test. (If I’m mentioning this to you now, think about how important it might be.)
  • The Final Exam Review has been uploaded to the class website. It is under the “Course Notes” tab.
  • I’m going to reopen your homework sections one last time time after Test 4 is completed. You will have until 5/24 to finish the rest of your homework.
  • As a reminder, the last day for withdrawal with a W (with no penalty to your GPA) is Tuesday May 17th.
    • If you are unsure about your status, speak with me as soon as possible after I hand you back your tests on Wednesday.
    • If I have not handed you back your test/corrections you need to speak with me ASAP so that I can return them.
    • If you haven’t submitted corrections and would like to do so, the last day to do so will be Thursday, May 12th.

I wish you good luck, skill, and determination for Test 4.

Professor Lee