Internship Journal #2

February 22, 2013
I have to say, once again, it was a great experience in Flushing hospital!
This past Friday I assisted for two 3rd molar extractions. It was crazy! The first was #32, it seemed to be straight forward and the doctor had direct vision the entire time. The second was #16, which seemed more difficult. This doctor said vison can be a serious issue. Even when assisting, I could not see half the time and was just hoping the suction was ok! What was cool about this procedure, was that the patient wanted to have nitrous oxide. I got to see how the doctor administered, and I saw the signs in the patient. I stepped in to assisted for a few minutes on another more difficult extraction of #32 that was impacted. The occulsal of this 3rd molar was completely vertical! This doctor had to drill through bone and watching this was actually a little scary! I’ve never seen the mandible like that!! Not to mention that the drilling of the bone smelled so bad!
Well, it was another great Friday and I am once again looking forward to the next!