Internship Journal #1

My first day at Flushing hospital was February 15, 2013.
It was fantastic! It felt good to be in a different setting and wach how the doctors interact with patients and the assistants. I got to assist when one of the doctors was removing a bridge, very interesting! She couldn’t get all of one of the roots out, so she had to cut through gingiva and connective tissue and then place some sutures. They did ask me to to do a few cleanings, one adult and two children. I know that isn’t our purpose of being there, but they were having a crazy day! It was a great experience doing a cleaning outside of school. The adult patient did not want to be in a supine position, so it was a little difficult trying to do the maxilla without any direct vision. The cavitron was ok, but the hand instruments were very different than what we have been working with! They were very thin, and it was impossible to use the grip I have learned at school. I was happy to work on some kids to gain more experience with how they react to what I was doing. Overall, it was a great experience and I learned a lot!

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