Community services


Fluoride Varnish Service Learning

·       This activity gave an opportunity to provide preventative service to Head Start Children in Brooklyn. The children were ages 3 to 5 and came from families of low income. My role was to introduce a appropriate brushing techniques to them, and enforced it’s importance. 

Dental Screening at Ronald Edmunds Learning Center

·       This screening services was performed at Ronald Edmund Learning Center. My role was performing an intra-oral screening and look for any pathological findings and early childhood caries. I documented all findings on a report sheet. I was also able to provide fluoride varnish to children whose parents consented. Fluoride varnish is a tool in preventing caries in primary and permanent teeth. My contribution made this event better because I could reaffirm my personal efficacy and address the needs of the community.

Services Learning Project

·       I was part of a term that presented at Cooke Special Education Grammar School in Lower East Side. Our topic was about Reinforcing Oral Health Education and Positive Habits for children who have developmental disabilities. Our goal was to provide oral health education and introduce basic dental care information to young minds. The material would cover information from how to clean their teeth by brushing to good nutrition, which are going to help them attain/maintain good oral health in order to prevent a common dental disease, caries. We thought of these topics to be helpful and useful information to be introduced at this underserved group in order to start creating beneficial habits that will help them to have good oral health.