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My name is Luxin Chen. I was born and raised in China.  I came to America when I was 17 years old. I entered New York City College of Technology in 2015 with my associated degree earned from BMCC. After transferring to city tech, I didn’t know what major I want to choose. I thought about nursing and radiology programs, I even started to take the pre-requisite classes for these two programs.    

       However, the first time I heard about the dental hygiene program was from my friends. They gave me a lot of information, which aroused me interested to pursue a career in dental field. Finally, I had decided to become a dental hygienist and went to the dental hygiene department to have a conversation with advisors. I used one semester to complete all of the pre-requisite classes. In the summer of 2016, I received the acceptance letter from DH department. 

       As a dental hygiene student, I have not only gained the knowledge and skills, but also gained much experiences from this program. Dental hygiene is challenging program, we have to learn the knowledge for different fields such as pharmacology, oral pathology and radiology within those two years program. Also, l gained much experiences and advices from those professional professors and doctors. I made so many friends in this program as well, we are always helping and encouraging each other. This program almost approaches to the end, but I believe it is not the ending of us.

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