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assignment 3

as role for a designer with photography and typography is to coveny the brand message it grabs attention of viewer and build hierarchy. according to bayer the missing thing from art is approach of craftsmenship “they recognized that in all human endeavors a technology had adjustedto man’s demands; while no markedchange or improvement had taken placein man’s most profound invention, printing-writing, since gutenberg.the manual skill and approach of the craftsman was seen to be inevitablyreplaced by mechanical techniques”. it seems that bayer seemed scared that technology will have negative effects of design. according to MoholyNagy is needs of the moment”The technician has his machine at hand: satisfaction of the needs of the moment. But basically much more: he is the pioneer of the new socialstratification, he paves the way for the future”. the role of language of art and design is able to send a message out to the viewer. the way in the 21st century that is revelent for bauhaus is to find the relation of typogrpahy being used in 20 and 21 centuries in papers and advertising.

assignemnt 3

it seems that during th 20th century graphic design or design was not as advanced with technology compared to the modern world we live in today. many fonts such as caslon were used and also being used in media internet or sometimes restaurant menus. technology can make things efficient compared when printing news paper using labor the old fashioned way.” thenthere follow a few centuries that produced no fundamental inventions in ourfield (up to the invention of photography). What we find, more or less, in theart of printing are masterly variations accompanied by technical improvementin the production of the instruments. The same thing happened with a secondinvention in the visual field—with photography”. it sounds that camera will revolutionize the way photos are taken and also how make photography easier. common disagreements were formats of books such as templates. elements such as photos and objects remain vital cause it shows oragnization and hierarchy and the interpertation when viewers see it. technology in art is a tool that can help design to do more work efficiently in the field.

assignmemnt 2 language

language may range from anything human beings can interpert such as mandarin spanish portuguese french cantonese english or anything activity such as martial arts and weight lifting. communicating with language is different than other because with humans tend to communicate with words by speaking rather than just a symbol which interperts humans beings in photographic sense such as school sign or construction sign. symbols and icons are related to language because most symbols and icons represent settings and events in most cases such as billboards which advertises concerts and food. graphic design is communicating by having headline and tagline in advertisements to get the message out to a wider audience. language has changed historically by having new grammar rules and it varies accents depending on language spoken for example hong kong was originally british territory of the united kingdom english words are mixed with cantonese that are still being used after colonization is over. the relationship between language and design is no different because as long as people understand what the audience wants thats all that matters, design and language can accomplish things equally.

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