Alexis Vega Velez – February 4th

In order to go more in depth in graphic design, everyone starts at the basics to understand what has been done. This helps to send us on a path to understand the best ways to do things and what could possibly be done better. It also gives us the advantage to not make the same mistakes without having a better outcome. It was interesting to read in the excerpt from Design writing research, “Writing commonly described as an inferior, secondary copy of the immediate, intuitive spoken word;” This makes sense in the way that if you can not do the basic, which would be speaking, then what are you going to write down? Since we have turned into a technology filled world, we are forgetting how to do basic things because we rely on technology to do it for us.

Us as designers, have to understand the long line of where we came from. To know the long line of why we are taught what we are taught today. All art from before our time still exists today. If we understand what they did, then we can use it as a reference to bring back in a variety of ways. we don’t doubt the skills that are being taught to us. As stated in Helen Armstrong’s Graphic Design Theory: Reading from the field, “As graphic Design took shape as a profession, the ideal of objectivity replaced that of subjectivity.” Which is why teachers are teaching graphic designers how to think with hard facts but convey emotion for the consumers without taking into account our personal feelings.

I thought it was absolutely genius, within the excerpt Design writing research, to explain the change in writing over time meanwhile the passage itself is being depicted in that manner. The physical appearance of the chapter itself expressed to me that you do not need both a picture and writing to express something but actually unity them together.

Adaptability is important. It can benefit you to possibly get a job. Rather than giving that job to others that were taught to be working robots of limitations. It is key to always be aware of what is going on today and tomorrow at the same time. If you adapt to the world around you, you understand the peoples interests and the way they speak so that you can communicate on their level depending on your target audience. This provokes ideas for developing new design strategies because it gives us more freedom to communication informally and have fun.